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KMS hospitality provides a variety of guest-room entertainment system for the Hospitality sector. Whatever the type of hotel or commercial accommodation, KMS are able to supply you with a solution that is tailored to your business needs. Our products include the latest in Smart Interactive TVs with a customised Brand Integration from our range of Interactive Information platforms.

We work with the key manufacturers within the industry such as Samsung, LG, Vestel & Philips providing the latest in hotel TV technology.

Guests satisfaction and reals experience is provided by our certified ‘Chromecast loan solution’ offering the guest the opportunity of streaming there content seamlessly from a mobile device, tablet and laptop.

Latest Technology

At KMS, we are always up to date with the latest technology to allow our clients to strive to the front of the crowd. Take a look at one of the latest offerings from LG, to really wow your guests and create amazing spaces.

Due to being fully rollable, it allows you to hide the screen to complete the minimalistic look, yet still allowing your guests to have the latest technology should they require.


Chromecast Ready




Improve Guest Experience


Wide Content Variety


Customise with Brand Identity


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