Why Hospitality TV's are Crucial for Your Hotel

Hospitality TV’s are a highly effective way to attract more guests and increase revenue in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the main ways that incorporating Hospitality TV’s into your business could greatly benefit your Hotel. 


Meet Your Guests’ Needs

Firstly, give guests the experience they expect and deserve. In the technological era, Smart TV’s are becoming commonplace in our living rooms. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that guests will now expect Hotel’s to be up to date with this technology, so that they feel comfortable and at home in their rooms.

Guests consider the customer service in a Hotel to be of paramount importance. Hospitality TV’s are an easy way to ensure that you can communicate with guests in a modern, more efficient way.  Display personalised welcome messages, offer room service,  and more to show your guests that they are in a friendly environment that can adapt to their needs.


Quality Entertainment

It is important to provide guests with a high quality entertainment system. There is nothing worse than a tired guest returning from a stressful business meeting wanting to wind down, but having no good source of entertainment. 

Hospitality TV’s can provide a wide variety of entertainment as well as allowing guests to take control and stream any content they would like via media devices such as Chromecast, giving them a completely personalised experience. If guests feel relaxed and at ease during their stay, they are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to friends and family. 


Cross-Market Amenities

Hospitality TV’s are also a highly efficient way to advertise a multitude of amenities that your Hotel has to offer. Advertise multiple services such as a restaurant, gym, pool, or spa.  You are able to save time when advertising services by using the Content Management System that comes with Hospitality TV’s to control, update and edit any content that you would like across multiple screens. 

By managing the content for your screens from one central location, you are able to quickly and easily advertise new offers as soon as you are aware of them. For instance, if someone cancels their appointment at the spa, you could display an alert that reads - ‘Spa appointment now available at 6pm!’. 


Establish Brand Identity

By adding your company logo, colour scheme and more to your Hospitality TV screens, you are able to firmly establish your brand identity. Customising your content to represent your brand is crucial to portraying the atmosphere of your hotel to your guests the second they enter their rooms.

Through this, show visitors how professional your Hotel is and how your business is up to date in the digital age. The customisation aspect allows your Hotel to show individuality and stand out against any other competitors. 

andrew moss