Why your Hotel needs an EV Charging Station

EV charging stations may seem like a futuristic concept that may not be relevant to the average Hotel guest. However, evidence shows that more and more people are acquiring electric vehicles to the point that they are becoming fairly mainstream. Here are some of the main reasons why your Hotel needs an EV Charging Station, and how this could potentially benefit your business. 



Adapt to the Future

Across the UK, EV Charging Points are becoming more common than ever. There are currently around 5777 locations that host public EV charging points. With the increased demand for these chargers, it is important that the Hotel industry caters for modern needs. 

Staying up to date will ensure that your Hotel stands out against other competitors. Being well adapted to changes will portray your Hotel as caring about how it can best suit the current climate  and give your guests the best experience through catering to as many people as possible. 


Establish Company Values 

Having an EV Charging Station is also an opportunity to promote positive company values that guests will respond to. By catering to electric vehicles, this automatically represents your business as being environmentally conscious. The average person in 2018 is a lot more aware of environmental issues and cares about sustainability of products and services, meaning you would appeal to a wide audience. 

Attract, retain and satisfy new guests and employees by appealing to their human side. Represent your Hotel as a personable business that cares about people as well as the Earth. 


Advertising Opportunities

An EV Charging Station can also be used as an advertising advantage. Each electric vehicle has a navigation system installed which lists every EV Charging Station in the area. This will automatically drive more people towards your hotel. 

As well as this, the company that provides you with a charging station may also be willing to promote you. Whether you are featured on their website as a case study or simply given a shout-out on a social media post, either way is a very effective tool that will give your brand further reach. It is not only a great opportunity for other brands to promote you, but also a great new way to promote yourself. An EV charger means that you can market yourself as an EV/environmentally friendly brand. 


Simon Gabriel