KMS is an early adopter of new technologies within the Hospitality & Leisure markets, with improved guest and staff usability at its heart.


Hospitality TVs

The hotel guest bedroom is the key location to impress your guests - and every detail should be considered. This includes the television and entertainment system guests use whilst relaxing after a long day sightseeing or unwinding after a chain of meetings. Give guests the best selection with our interactive hotel screens with built-in CMS software to allow you to keep TV screens in line with the overall hotel vibe, whilst Chromecast means guests are able to use the screen to stream their own content from their mobile, tablet or laptop.

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Smart Door Lock Solutions

Using the latest smartphone technology, developed from banking app security, this innovative product will change the way guests enter your hotel and rooms forever.

Suitable for use across both internal and external environments and on a variety of surfaces, Smart Door Lock (Blue Tooth Low Energy) adheres to the highest security standards to keep your property, your guests and their belongings safe - whilst looking pretty cool at the same time. And best of all - it can be retrofitted.


Digital Signage

Engage with your customers with these state-of-the-art digital signs. Featuring a commercial grade media player, these screens can communicate with guests and display your brand in a truly dynamic fashion.

What’s more, the beauty of digital signage means messages and content can be quickly changed dependent on season, time of the day or simply rotate different messages throughout the day.


EV Charging Stations

Show your customers that you are up-to-date with technology whilst also being environmentally friendly with a EV Charging Station. Incorporate Smart Charging into your systems to optimise the charging process, encouraging visitors to continuously use and rely on your services.

Our cloud based management system allows you to track and manage any usage of your charging station. This is crucial to the maintenance of your EV charging facilities, ensuring that you are operating at high efficiency in a cost-effective manner.


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Hotel Check-in Kiosk

First impressions are important. Ensure your hotel gets off on the right foot with guests through the use of this ultra responsive and engaging check-in kiosk.

With the ability to be branded and dressed to match your individual style and design, these kiosks not only give guests an interactive and hi-tech experience upon arriving at your hotel, they also drive efficiency by saving staffing hours to handle the check-in and out process.



Wireless Charging

Say goodbye to the hunt for a plug socket next to the bed and battle for the powerpoint in the lobby with our wireless charging points.

The Air Charge products can operate within any desk, table or other work surface in a range of finishes and across a variety of devices, phones and tablets - with the new iPhone 8 and X both featuring the supporting technology.


Smart Furniture

Turn your interior design into a tech-hub with our integrated furniture range. We design and manufacture stylish, high quality, upholstered seating, perfectly suited to enhancing your hotel environment. Our in-house design and upholstery teams have extensive vision, knowledge and capability in developing and manufacturing furniture to the highest specification, whether from our standard product range or to solve one-off or bespoke requirements.

We believe good environmental practices go hand in hand with good product quality and we always endeavour to source from environmentally accredited, sustainable sources and from other UK manufacturers.


Meeting Room System

Ensure visitors using your hotel for meetings are able to manage their own bookings or your staff can easily operate, meaning the process is handled as efficiently as possible.

Whether used customer-facing or behind the front desk, the system is responsive and desired with usability in mind.


Smart Mirror TV

Upgrade the guest experience, whether in lobby, lift or room with these Smart Mirror TVs.

What’s more, operating as a central control hub, the intuitive technology can show weather and news updates, operate as a room service terminal and a central entertainment console. These sleek, stylish and innovative screens can elevate a room from simply modern to state-of-the-art.


Digital Coolers

Engage with your customers with these state-of-the-art transparent coolers. Featuring a commercial grade media player, these screens can advertise the fridge contents or your brand in a truly dynamic fashion.

With fan assisted cooling and antifreeze technology, the fridges operate as good as they look, offering a truly eye-catching and engaging visual.


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